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    Changes to Onboarding Impact Your Organization

    Implement Strategies of Large Companies

    Candidates are recruited and interviewed. A background check ensures the candidate meets your standards, principles, and goals. Hired, your new employee transfers from the recruitment procedure to onboarding.

    Employment begins with onboarding procedures. You know that. Before the first payment clears, employees must be set-up for long-term success.

    Onboarding new employees takes time, months, to ensure a smooth transition and understanding of expectations.

    Onboarding Affects Employee Retention

    The steps you take during this time determine whether an employee remains with your organization or looks elsewhere.

    Consider the building blocks of a successful onboarding strategy:

    • Schedule Set-Up
    • Benefits Enrollment
    • Expectation Alignment
    • Employee Handbook Distribution and Compliance
    • Time Management
    • Role Expectations
    • Internal Forms Review and Creation
      • Including: I-9, payroll forms, non-disclosure agreements, and more
    • Harassment Training
    • Culture Adaptation
    • Onboarding Evaluation
    • and more

    Many small businesses overlook at least some of these building blocks.

    Approach onboarding to ensure a smooth transition within your company. Immerse new employees into your ecosystem so they can thrive. 

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