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In one platform, manage: onboarding, compliance documentation, payroll, overtime, HR, and much more.

Not in the office? That's fine! The Balance Point mobile app features remote employee time tracking, documentation, requests, and much more. No matter where your business takes you, our platform keeps you up-to-date on the homefront.

Since it's a cloud-based system, your documents are secure from cyber threats. There's no need worrying about vulnerable data when you have a business to run. Focus on what's important, knowing your information is safe and available to your organization only, whenever you need.

Think Outside the Payroll Box

Our software is the answer to our clients' most-requested features. It provides management, compliance, stability, and growth - anywhere, anytime.

Our solution makes many functions a breeze, freeing up your employee's time for more pressing tasks. 

  • Guided Onboarding Procedures and Processes
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Internal Forms Review and Creation
    • Including: I-9, payroll forms, non-disclosure agreements, and more
  • Payroll Management and Monitoring
  • Employee Access to Documents and Information for Updating
  • Overtime and Time Policy Monitoring
  • Best Practices for Tax and ACA Compliance
...and much more

Oh! And because we've been asked - current clients will work with their same Certified Payroll Professionals.

No transfers.

No switching-hands.

Just the same level of customer service you've come to expect from Balance Point.

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A Balance Point expert will speak with you to determine if this is a great fit for your organization. This 15-minute call focuses on your needs. Together, we can build your team to meet your goals, your expectations, and elevate your success.

Your company is just a few steps away from incredible prosperity.

Together with Balance Point, you can reach it.

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